Infinity Runner Logo (credit to DY)

Infinity Runner is a programmer on KA who makes templates and logos and games for users on KA to enjoy.

About Edit

Infinity Runner is a programmer on KA, and also a developer for Apple. He has been a developer for Apple for a year already, but he is still learning Swift, Apple's new programming language.[1], which Apple uses. He is thinking of creating the same programs that he has created on Khan Academy and placing them on the App Store for maybe $0.99.

He has also created logos for people on KA, for instance the famous KA News.

Bio Edit

Infinity Runner's real name is Daniel Ohanessian[2], an 11 year old that knows JavaScript fluently, and is almost fluent in Swift, and some Python, HTML, CSS, and a little Ruby.

His profile picture on Khan Academy currently is Aqualine Ultimate.

His most current bio is really an interesting pun:

What is the tallest building in your city? The library because it has the most stories!

He currently has 670,103 energy points and 241 badges all total.[3]

Programs Edit


BLOCK screenshot

His most popular, most-voted program and most spin-offed program is BLOCK, which has a whopping 423 votes and 175 spin-offs[4].

He has so far made 3 games:

He also has created 2 templates:

Delta Studios NEW LOGO

Delta Studios's new proposed logo by Infinity Runner.

3 posters:

4 logos:

And 2 Apple-related programs:

He actually made a program that will show you his best programs in battle together.[5]

His removed programs Edit

Infinity Runner always thought that it is necessary to delete his programs that are not needed. Here are the most remembered programs that were deleted by him:

  • BLOCK (deleted somewhere in 2014 due to renovation)
  • Infinity Line (deleted in Late 2014 due to not enough votes)
  • CopyLock (deleted in Mid 2014 due to plagiarism)

None of the programs' screenshots survived so we can't show you the images of these programs.

References Edit

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